While we customise every tour to suit each of our guests, we highly recommend at least one walk on every experience, be it a big game safari in Zimbabwe or Botswana or a wine tasting tour in South Africa’s Cape Province.

On a game safari there is no better way to experience the bush than by walking. Being on foot in big game country has an incomparable primal appeal. It breaks down the barriers that we have imposed between our environment and ourselves. It allows you to experience and understand the intensity of the bush in a very immediate way.

Walking in the bush awakens your senses and rather than being a passive voyeur you start to smell, taste, feel and experience the bush. It is only on foot that you can really begin to appreciate the complexity of the ecological web of life.

Walking allows you to slow down to a more complementary pace and to appreciate the smaller and subtler features such as insects, plants and tracks, which are such vital ingredients in the ecology. Of course walking is also a healthy way to relax.